“While divorce seems to be very common these days the last thing I ever expected was to have to go through one myself after being a newlywed. After finding out tragic unexpected news I had received I knew I had to start the divorce process somewhere. Not knowing where to begin the attorneys at Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC guided me and walked me through the process while having my best interests at heart. Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC were professional, timely and always knowledgeable of any questions I had to ask. I would highly recommend using the attorneys at Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC! Thanks again to Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC for helping me through a difficult time!”

Anonymous, Divorce Client

“Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC has dedicated more than ten years of service to ensuring that the rights of domestic violence victims and their families are protected in the courts.  In the aftermath of domestic violence crime, when victims face child support, divorce, visitation and related matters, the attorneys at Lungo-Koehn Law, LLC have always been there to help.  They offer compassionate legal representation, and their commitment to helping people is unmatched”

Deborah Fallon Romvos, Founder of Portal To Hope.